Attending an event? It’s easy to get started!


Why do i have to create an account?

We ask for your full name, mobile number and email for any problems with processing your order or the ability to contact you regarding a change in the event. This information is kept confidential and ensures only you can use your ticket.

How do I find my event?

From the search bar on the home page, type the name of your event if you know it. Events of that name or location will display, and you can search for your local event in the results.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Once you’ve found your event, select the number of tickets from each different ticket class you’d like to purchase, view your subtotal and click the PURCHASE TICKETS button below the ticket options.

You’ll be asked to enter your credit card information and zip code and click SAVE CREDIT CARD.

You can check the box below giving permission to “Save this credit card for future purchases” which is explained in the question below.

Simply click “Click to Pay” and view your order!

Where is my credit card information stored?

Your Credit Card (CC) is not stored within TixSocial’s platform.

If you choose to store your CC for one click future purchases, your information is stored within Stripe’s database.

We use their service for all CC processing, so know that your information is safe and secure.

They process for other companies like Apple, Kickstarter and Lyft to boot, proving secure transactions are of utmost importance.

See Stripe’s Privacy Policy.